The process of broadcasting a story has changed over the years.

One thing that hasn’t changed: we all love to hear a good story.

Who Are We?

Atlanta Georgia-based Podcast Performances produces thrilling, romantic, horrifying, chilling, gripping and emotional stories for your listening pleasure through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeart Radio and every else you listen to your regular podcasts with the sole desire to move you with original audio dramas.

Our audio theater productions—full cast dramatic plays including sound effects—take care to select the finest voice over talent in the industry to wrap you into the story—taking you on an enjoyable ride like none other.

CommonSense: Act I – Engaged will be our debut release March 2020 with a companion eBook available. Pre-Order now!

The Story

Fantasy > Urban Fantasy

Mildred Common—college student and fourth-generation necro-new witch—one of the last of her kind with naturally-born magic—had finally found the happiness she was looking for the moment her long-time boyfriend, Nick Sense, asked her to marry him.

Just as she prepared to live a humble, normal life with the man she loved, her mother Genevieve Common; an aging third-generation witch-for-hire consultant, discovered that the Tree of Knowledge—the source of all universal magic before and ever will be—still existed, hidden from all men and beast.

The only evidence was through a single, simple looking acorn—embedded with nuclear-level magic that could credibly grant regular humans’ immeasurable power just by touching it.

Charged with keeping the seed protected, Mildred’s desire for a life of peace with her fiancé will be disrupted by others hunting for the source; extremely powerful magic-users with zero conscience to the fate of the world should the Tree of Knowledge found and release more seeds.

The Author

Author Corey A. Burkes

Author Corey A. Burkes

Author Corey Aaron Burkes is known for his intensive storytelling and emotionally connected, page-turning style of writing that builds suspense and thrills straight through to the end of the novel.