You know how you go to a play, Broadway or otherwise, and nab that cool magazine ‘Playbill‘ about the production you went to see — also packed with details about other plays, bios of actresses and actors, etc? The whole stage, lights and magic experience wrapped up in a neat program.

Welp, you just knew we had to do something for audio drama theater, right?

OH! And look how original we titled it! Just dripping with brand-new-ness. The stage has it’s Playbill — audio theater gets ‘Podbill‘ or ‘PodcastBill‘.

Either way, we snatched both ‘.com’ versions and we’re off and running with it.

The idea is really simple when you think about it:

A method to promote not only Podcast Performances audio dramas/theater works current and forthcoming, but to do a little bit of karma work and expand the awareness of the industry by reviewing and highlighting the world of podcast audio theater currently out there. There is A LOT of really good audio drama/theater out there. Unfortunately, it’s scattered and untamed. You can barely find a good audio drama/theater reviewer.

First, let’s get something out of the way: not every audio theater is a drama. There are plenty of comedy’s, sci-fi, fantasy, on and on and on listed as ‘audio drama’.

The common denominator is the theatrical presentation of the work (in some cases even ‘cinematic’) — so here we usually just identify audio works of multiple casts ‘audio theater’.

Yeah, and years back it was called ‘old time radio dramas‘. Tomorrow someone will call it ‘Pod Theater‘ or ‘snuckums juice‘ — same stuff no matter how you twist it: you’re listen to stories.

The way it’s fleshing out (as of December 2019) is as follows:

  • We’re going to reach out to our fellow audio drama/theater producers and do some massive networking. Get them involved in the process.
  • We know the eMagazine (a fancy eBook) should be monthly — but it might need time to work its way up to that. Likely starting quarterly.
  • We know the first issue will come out at the very least when our first production releases (March 2020).
  • We know it will concentrate on professional reviews of audio theater productions.
  • We know it will be for sale at relatively inexpensive eBook prices.
  • Each issue will highlight the industry professionals involved from direction to editing to performances.
  • We also know there will be an affiliate program involved for individuals selling copies to make money in return — assisting in the ‘spreading of the word’.

We believe Podbill/PodcastBill will help in connecting the slightly disjointed audio theater industry at present.